Tek Music

Description :        Tek Music is the official music club of PSG College of Technology. Started in 1952, our club has provided melodious tunes and rhythms to the past generation of Techians. We conduct several shows throughout the academic year, with musical variety ranging from Indian classical to contemporary western styles, exclusively. Apart from the numerous shows on campus, we take our talent to several inter-college … Continue reading Tek Music


Paathshala – The Hindi Club of  PSG College of Technology, was started by a group of enthusiasts in 2008 to promote the Official language of our country, Hindi. The club aims to develop, nurture and improve the reading, writing and communication skills of students. Today, with more than 40 active members, this prestigious club has grown into a large family. Every year, Paathshala has been … Continue reading PAATHSHALA

Animal Welfare Club

Purpose: To form a strong relationship between animals and humans by various activities conducted and making humans understand that animals are also living beings who require love, affection and utmost care without any ill treatment.  Description: The World is shared among Humans, animals, plants and other species. However, in general, humans dominate every part of life on earth. To build a betterenvironment, it is important … Continue reading Animal Welfare Club


The Global Leaders’ Forum has always worked with a holistic approach to mould the leaders of tomorrow. It strengthens the students to take on challenges and to build more confidence. The club’s activities are framed so that students are exposed to a lot of fields ranging from environmental to parliamentary situations, to change and impact difference to our society. This club is also about taking … Continue reading GLOBAL LEADERS’ FORUM

Youth Rotary Club

Slogan: Health! Service!! Friendship!!! Purpose: To shape the youth of our nation for promoting international friendship, health, service, blood donation, human values and rights and first aid training.To inculcate love and care among the youth of our country. Description: The Youth Red Cross Society (YRCS) is voluntary  organisation to protect human life and health based in College and its surrounding. It is part of the Indian Red Cross Society. … Continue reading Youth Rotary Club